Monitor calibration

Since yesterday I installed a new monitor. My old Samsung SyncMaster 2043NW was  failing.The white color was no longer white but blue / gray. Even with my Datacolor Spyder 3 I could not correct this so the color calibration was not okay.  A second problem was that the backlight started to fail on the top side of the monitor screen resulting in a dark area on the screen. Not really a good condition for photo editing.

So I installed a new monitor, an Iilyama ProLite XB2485WSU. Twenty-four inches with an IPS panel. I have chosen for an IPS panel due to the good color display accuracy, this is much better than that of a standard TN panel. After installation I calibrated the monitor with my Datacolor Spyder 3 and “wow” what a beautiful and perfect I have in view when watching my photos. I can now see clearly that my old monitor was way off calibration.  I checked my new monitor calibration on the Lagcom LCD monitor test page and found it to be very accurate. It is for the serious photographer well worth visiting this site and see if there monitor is calibrated correctly so that photos are shown with the correct colors and brightness / contrasts. So far I am very pleased with my new monitor.

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