Silver studded blue Boetelerveld

In the last two years I visited the nature reserve “Het Boetelerveld” near Raalte a couple of times. Until a view years ago this beautiful nature reserve was dried up causing the original wet nature to disappear. In recent years the Landschap Overijssel nature organization did restoration work on the Boetelerveld to restore the wet conditions. Due to these wetter conditions the Heather plants made a recovery and are now present in large numbers.  The recovery of the wetter land and the large number of heather plants has also meant that the Silver studded Blue made a great recovery. On a warm summer day you can see hundreds of Silver studded Blues swarming above the moor, a beautiful sight. Below you can see some pictures of these beautiful but endangered butterfly’s. In my insects album some of them can be viewed in full size.

Parende heideblauwtjes-1
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